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Experience the natural environment, nurturing conservation awareness.
Devoted to the training of native talents for utilization of mutual development.

About Us


"Live Nature" is a social enterprise operated Sai Kung District Community Centre. As early as in 2008, the Centre has been subsidized by the Sai Kung District Council to operate a "Eco-tour Guide Training Scheme" which recruited and trained a group of conservationist and nature lovers in Sai Kung for tour guide techniques. After completion of the scheme, these docent guides assisted in the setting up of "Live Nature", with the support of Sai Kung District Community Centre. By 2012, the Centre has been sponsored by a seed scheme under the "Enhancing Self-Reliance Through District Partnership Programme" by the Home Affairs Department. Under such scheme, "Live Nature" operated as a social enterprise and with a base in Sai Kung, keep on exploring the wonders of ecological and natural attractions to be brought forward by "experiential" Eco-tours and activities.


With Sai Kung as a starting point, to promote a series of "experiential" Eco-tours and activities for popularization of natural attractions in the area and knowledge related with nature conservation.

Through the implementation of the scheme, it enables the participation of different parties including those from industries of cruise, tour, food & beverage as well transportation in the operation of "experiential" Eco-tours, besides of a continuous uplifting of service level, it can also help to support the growth of eco-tourism in the community, consolidation the various operators who shared the same ideology in the field for sharing, exploring and deploying the opportunities and resources including the accumulation of talents for the future development of "experiential" Eco-tourism. It also serves to contribute for a foundation ground for promotion of social enterprises sharing the same mission so that groups of organizations from general public can work together with various sectors including governmental, commercial and civilian under a self-sustainable principle and environment for the benefits of local communities and normal enterprises.

Our Eco Tour Guide

Our Eco Tour Guide

Qualifications for eco-tour guides:
Holders of Sai Kung Eco-tour foundation course, and/or
Post-Secondary education qualification (major in geography, biology, history or social science)
Or completed the Level-3 tour guide qualifications under the Skills Upgrading Scheme
Or holder of First Aid certificate recognized by the government
Over 2 years working experience in eco-tourism

Arthur Tsang

Avis Yim

William Chan

Joseph Lo

Kit Lam

Tim Leung

Tony Lee

Stella Chan

Brian Lee

Tang Mei Ling

Sam Yung

Raymond Poon

Leo Shek

Samuel Yuen

Wong Ping

Sam Hui

Terry Tam

Lixia Adamcova

Moon Lam

Stony Ng

Raymond Lui

Guided Tour

Guided Tour:

(1) Enroll online and pay with Paypal

(2) Cash deposit to our HSBC bank account 819-548017-001 (Sai Kung District Community Centre Limited), email or fax the deposit slip along with all participant’s names to [email protected] or 2798 9711.

(3) Visit “Volcano Discovery Centre” for enrollment. (Sai Kung Waterfront Park, next to Sai Kung Bus Terminus.)

Operating Hours:
Everyday 9:00am to 5:00pm
Closed on the first and second days of Chinese New Year
Enquiry: 8200 0248

Q & A:

- Q & A (Chinese version)

- Q & A (English version)

Terms and Conditions

Refund policies:

1. Full refund or rescheduling would be made if activity affected by adverse weather, that is Amber Rainstorm Warning or the Typhoon Signal No.3 warning or above is hoisted within two hours before departure on tour date.

2. Rescheduled activities should be carried out within three months; otherwise no refund will be made.

Non-Refund policies:

1. In the event of sudden adverse weather or environmental condition change during the tour, the tour guide or the officer-in-charge may decide whether to cancel the activity, and no refund in that case.

2. Paid fees will not be refunded if participants cannot make the trip due to personal reason or request for cancellation. Replacement on tour and participant's name, or rescheduling will not be accepted.

3. The tour will not wait for latecomers, therefore paid fees will not be refunded for latecomer or no-show.

Please observe the following code and safety guidelines:

1. Do not climb the rock columns or trample on severely weathered or eroded surfaces. Watch out for shifting or slippery rocks.

2. Do not take away any rock, fossil, mineral or silt. It is an offence to dig up, damage or deface any rocks in Hong Kong. All Geosites are under the protection of the Country Parks Ordinance and Marine Parks Ordinance.

3. Wear suitable hiking shoes, hats and clothes. Also take gloves, first-aid kits and weather-proof clothes with you.

4. Prepare basic necessities including ample of drinking water, medication (if any), sun block, rain gear, and insect repellant.

5. Yacht tour participants should take motion sickness medication one hour prior to the departure time if needed.

6. All tours include HK$100,000 accidental and disablement insurance coverage, additional insurance coverage can be purchased under participants’ discretion.

7. Please arrive at the gathering place on time, no refund due to late arrival or no-show.

Bad Weather Contingency:

1. The Centre will notify participating groups if the schedule of a certain day still applies at two hours prior to commencement, according to the guidelines on outdoor activities in adverse weather.

2. Activities of the day will be suspended if the Amber Rainstorm Warning or the Typhoon Signal No.3 warning or above is hoisted within two hours before departure.

3. Affected activities will be postponed or cancelled depending on individual circumstances. Participating groups will be notified of related arrangements within a week.

4. The schedule of guided tours might be adjusted or cancelled depending on tidal or wave conditions.

5. Participants are asked to follow the tour guide's instructions to prevent accidents.

6. In the event of sudden adverse weather or great wind on the sea during the process, the tour guide or the director on duty may decide whether to cancel the activities. But no refund will be made in that case.





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